black and white mic

This is not a necessary.

I felt like my page didn't have anything on it because I just use this account to make comments on other Livejournal accounts. I also have a blog some place else. I'll probably never update this thing, but I thought I should at least make one post since I'm wasting my Friday night away on the Internet.

My name is Jackie, I'm from Minnesota, but I'm going to school at the University of North Dakota. I'm a Communication major with interest in journalism and radio broadcasting. As of Monday, I'll begin working in the university's Athletic Department as a Media Relations Assistant. I'm very excited to start this and I can't wait to see my name on stories that I've written on!

I'm outgoing, talkative, very involved with school activities. I like to have fun and I'm good at procrastinating even though I try not to do it. Yeah, that's about it. Oh, and I love hockey only substantially more than I love Robert Pattinson. For the time being. lol